Tuesday, September 2, 2008

'Thali' Lunch At Surguru Restaurant : Pondicherry

It was a hot humid afternoon & I was almost exhausted of capturing the majestic Pondicherry beach on my camera when I headed towards Mission street. After a brief walk I stopped by the narrow doorway of 'Surguru Restaurant'. Convinced by two foreigners entering into it , I stepped into the restaurant. At the end of the short passageway I found a small garden with granite benches with lots of people waiting outside .

I slipped inside..and then wow ! what I am seeing? cool interiors with diffused lighting , steel chairs with cane backs , tables with newspaper motifs & plenty of foreigners discussing & dining .Infact the old Health Department office has been remodelled to house this swanky restaurant .

I managed one corner table & ordered delicious South Indian Thali. End of the meal I was served 'Paan'. How ambiance & interiors can transform a simple meal into an extraordinary experience - check out Surguru.

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