Friday, April 3, 2009

Around Mumbai in 48 Hours: Cafe Mondegar

We were back in mumbai around 5 PM. No surprise - both of us were damn tired, although Eli had a quick nap. Add to it- we didn't have a proper lunch.For us day had just begun & we had few more places to cover during the day.

A nearby joint or 'perek' all I could think of for some food was Cafe Mondegar.That's few minutes walk again from Gateway of India & located next to Regal cinema.Treat your taste bud with hearty food menu of Indian,chinese & continental - anything you can think of infact - at a much affordable rate. The place is always crowded.You are lucky - if you get a table there. The interiors of the cafe are filled with murals of the famous cartoonist, Mario Miranda.

The place is always buzzing till midnight.Before you leave the place, don't forget to check out Mondy's collectible merchandise.

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