Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cafe Basilico - Bandra

Another hot summer day in mumbai & it was special day to meet my friend Mathias on lunch. Mathias was on a business trip to India & could manage a trip to the pink city Jaipur before leaving for home. The venue selection was almost perfect 'Cafe Basilico' , bandra - much closer to his hotel & we were about the meet around 12:30. But..but..but as the clock struck 12 , I realized it was an unexpectedly jam packed day. Adding salt to the injury - Airtel network in the city failed due to fire break out.

Wading through all the road troubles when I reached venue at around 14:00 , my shirt was wet with sweat partially due to summer & mostly due the guilt of making him to wait for almost 1:30 Hours. However that quickly changed into surprise when I found rather pleased Mathias inside munching food & both of us soon got engaged in a lively conversation.

Few words on Basilico - place is open for breakfast & the cuisine here is mostly Mediterranean. And yes the menu changes frequently.

Silly me - I left my camera at home but I am sure the Indian candles would always remain as a souvenir of our meet. I am not a bad host afterall :D

Looking forward seeing you Mathias again !

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