Thursday, December 26, 2013

Death of a Goldfish and resurrection

Last April when we shifted our base to a new rented apartment, much like all of us it was a stressful journey for our pet goldfish as well. Upon reaching our new home we found it almost dead, floating upside down. 

We prayed and added some aeration into its tank.Within few hours it was back into life.

True resurrection !

Meet Gobbler, our 2 years old pet fantail Goldfish.

The disaster was alarming enough to teach me few basics of fish relocation. Here it is for you:
  • Container and Plastic bags:  Insulated container or cardboard box of right size. Place the Goldfish in a large plastic bag partially filled with aquarium water.
  • Temperature: Goldfish uses less oxygen in colder water. Pour ice cubes around the plastic bag.
  • Salt and Water: Salt reduces stress. Add roughly 1.5 teaspoon of aquarium salt per gallon of water (0.2% solution).
  • Aeration: Not very critical over small distances. However, micro air water pumps ($5) are useful. They can operate on USB power.

  • Water Parameter Monitor: If you have a Seneye aquarium monitor, plug that in to USB power source to monitor the change in  water condition (pH, NH3 and Temperature) during transport.

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