Thursday, December 26, 2013

DIY Konstruktor: How to build 35mm lomo camera

Somewhere around this November, I decided to experiment with analog photography. Choice of my camera was Konstruktor, a DIY 35 mm camera kit from Lomography, launched last June.  

Why analog and film cameras?
IMO, analog cameras and the art of capturing on film cameras is endangered  and must be preserved for our  next generation. It’s a small cult. While digital cameras are “build to work” for the mass , analog cameras demands the photographers “know how” of the device and the film. It becomes a part of your life, demanding immersive involvement with the environment. If you have a sedentary work like yours truly, it is indeed a lifestyle changer.

 For example:
  • The 8 teeth Konstruktor  film sprocket gear [P4]  must  spin one full rotation (i.e. 8 film sprocket)  for a complete film advance. If the film loses tension, the gear assembly won’t work  and you would experience issues like film jamming or overlapping of pictures.
  • Blurry images due to camera shake and poor focus is almost absent from all modern digital cameras. In contrast, while shooting with SLR cameras (..and with Konstruktor) you will have be very disciplined. I learned the proper way to hold the camera, create tripod with my arms and knees. I learned the virtue of waiting for the best shot, holding my breath and then click. These yoga like postures are calorie burners.

  • While I can shot ton of photos with a digital camera, that's not true for an analog camera. Lomo cameras are cheap - films are expensive. Accordingly, with film photography I am much more selective with my shots. That’s indeed a quality improvement/waste reduction.

  •  Analogue invokes creativity. Multiple exposure photos and cross processing is possible only with films.

With the help of online community, I assembled Konstruktor within 1 Hour or so. In return, I contributed generously to the Flickr Konstruktor forum on possible solutions to the known issues..a sense of self fulfilment.


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