Monday, September 21, 2015

Book Review: Amongst Monkeys

Amongst Monkeys is a satirical take by first time writer Naredran on life inside IIM-A, Indias premier B-School. Till the last chapter, the book provoked my thoughts on who are the real monkeys? – the clever beasts roaming freely on sprawling IIM campus or the academic system which spots the leaders and  digitizes their functional skills to grades. Afterall, your grades decides your placement at IIM-A.

Randys decision opt for IIM-A  was partially to fulfil his deceased fathers dream & primarily due to his inner desire to nurture his hands on leadership skills. This was where his dreams started to crumble. Randy, ‘the liveware’, fought back with testing all his hands on leadership skills on himself. But the ruthless grade driven academics at IIM pulled him down everytime.
If you are looking for some Chetan Bhagat like emotional outpour, this book won’t disappoint you either. The plot is honest and based on real life experiences of our protagonist – Randy.
Prior to Randys decision to get into IIM, the book offers the readers an in-depth background into the life of a  22 year romantic chennaite. His engineering degree had secured him with a cushy job at a PSU. Infact he was the only employed member of a middle class family. Despite his self-awareness and proactivity, he failed to impress girls. His impeccable table tennis skills and close friends advice were of no help either. In atleast two of his romantic encounters (at the 3rd year of his engineering college & later at the CAT venue), he couldn’t win a girl. The initial chapters offer plenty of real life emotional anecdotes to make you hysteric.
The book also hilariously cites the lighter side of life inside IIM – peeping in the dorms, adult movie screening at the MAD club and dunking.  
Amongst Monkeys” is written simply and had transported me back to my college days. At the same time it has left me perplexed like the fictitious John of B School case studies with my quest for an answer – Are the B-Schools curriculums real monkeys? 
The book can be read the in one sitting. The pricing of the book is just right for the target audience - young people. And Narendarn has ensured that this book has the masala, emotion and pace to turn into a potential blockbuster.

The book is available on Amazon and other leading book stores. 

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